Threads of Sound
46 Elliot Street
G3 8ND

Threads of Sound is a not for profit company limited by guarantee.
Company No. SC394012

Play our Gigs

If you are interested in playing one of the Threads of Sound live events and releasing a live EP then please send us something to listen to (CD/mp3) and details of gigs that you are playing so we can come and see you.

How it Works

All the shows we promote are recorded. After the show we'll discuss which tracks you think went well and send on some rough mixes. From these we work with you to choose 2 tracks and work on the final mixes that are released as a digital single.

You get paid to play on the night and then get 50% of the income from the sales of the tracks. The other 50% is used to organise future gigs. We never charge you anything or deduct any of the cost of recording and production from your royalties.

Record your Gigs

In addition to promoting our own events we can also record your events. The deal is usually the same but you take responsibility for the promotion and organisation of the show. We will normally only do this if there is something special about the show - album launches, one off collaborations etc.


Threads of Sound is run by its members. We have no shareholders. Membership is open to anyone who has played or worked at one of our gigs and costs £100/year.