Session A9
Live at Celtic Connections


1Wedding Polkas: The Surfing Bride / Ruffus and Molly's Wedding Polka / One for Oliver6:13.
2These Days4:35.
3Lady Montgomery: Lady Montgomery / Mutts Favourite / Up Da Stroods Da Sailor Goes4:18.
4The Belly Dancer5:23.
5Dig A Little Well For Zoe4:29.
6The Birds Have Gone5:19.
7One For The Road4:25.
8The Miller Of Dron: The Miller Of Dron / Patsy Reids Visit to the Alvie Bothy5:27.
9Sporting Paddy: Sporting Paddy / Hamish The Carpenter / Hull's Reel / The Road to Erogie6:27.
10Paella Grande: Paella Grande / No More Cages / The Dirty Bee4:29.
11Gary Banjo: Swallow's / Katy Hill / Gary Banjo5:36.

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Session A9
Monday 4th February 2013
Stereo, Glasgow